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Deleted: If I'm not on for a few years days it's because I'm pouting. Have a nice day. Nov 7, 2013 4:49:15 GMT *
Cherryheart: i came,i forgot with all my writing books Nov 7, 2013 12:08:00 GMT
Deleted: Two days too late >.> Nov 7, 2013 14:37:39 GMT
Firestorm: Yeesh. Once the site gets a bit more active and we have more med cats we should probably be better :P sorry night Nov 7, 2013 22:47:55 GMT
Cherryheart: Ugh im Getting Hollie's sis Kenedy to join as a queen Nov 10, 2013 20:51:49 GMT
Cherryheart: Hullo? Anyone online? Nov 17, 2013 23:29:39 GMT
Firestorm: yup. but you're not. not anymore XD Nov 18, 2013 0:20:27 GMT
Cherryheart: XD Nov 19, 2013 22:33:48 GMT
Lazy Frosty >.<: Shouldn't a gathering take place soon? It's been a bit over a month Nov 22, 2013 14:40:46 GMT
Sparrowstar: Probably, yes. But main admin has been a bit inactive... Dunno. Maybe once we get a few more members it will be a more dependable thing. Nov 23, 2013 17:52:21 GMT
Deleted: I wanna change my name x.x Nov 25, 2013 1:43:40 GMT
Ebonystar: Agh...so empty... Dec 5, 2013 21:14:31 GMT
Lazy Frosty >.<: I know, it makes me sad. Both the RP sites I go on other than VWW are totally deserted. -sigh- Dec 6, 2013 6:08:19 GMT
Cherryheart: i know Dec 6, 2013 12:45:00 GMT
Lazy Holly: Well, this is depressing. We should get some big plot together and mass PM and then... Just do it. At least it would generate activity, if only briefly. Anyone home to... pay attention? Dec 8, 2013 15:51:31 GMT
Thistleflame: I don't think mass PMing would work if no one was online to check their PMs. e.e Dec 8, 2013 23:57:07 GMT
Ebonystar: Well...I am making a new site...maybe a Pokemon site if you guys are interested. Dec 11, 2013 20:25:00 GMT
Again, Lazy Hollyberry: Don't people check stuff on proboards.com? Dec 29, 2013 19:52:12 GMT
silvermist: woah Jun 22, 2018 23:58:27 GMT
Deadstar: yo, what is this? Aug 26, 2018 21:11:57 GMT
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